Focus. Something that’s been coming to mind lately.

When you’re traveling your focus can become distorted or clear. It’s up to you.

I’ve noticed a consistent pattern in myself now that I’m stagnant. It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the “mumbo-jumbo” of seasonal employment and one can slide into fixes that detour the self from progress or personal goals. About a year ago, I changed a mindset into a more driven pace.

It’s so important to get back to your roots and build up. Your mind can have so many ideas, but to bring them into reality it takes cognitive discipline.

It’s been interesting.. being in the same place.. let alone my hometown for so long. I haven’t lost what I’ve gained, but I’m able to see where I’ve come from more clearly.

Ideas are now being put in motion and a travel blog was a dream that may not be fulfilled at this time. It’s important for me to keep this blog for random antics, but to my possibly one or two readers- it’ll be on hold as a niche but will be used more or less for my own personal antics. I’m working too hard on specific opportunities that keeping up with “followers” is just not very important to me at this time.

Find your focus. Thrive.

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