Hello My Old Friend

Blogging sounds like fun, I’m back at it.

I don’t know who even follows this, but it’s merely for my own writing practice and to keep a fun memoir of my experiences at this point. My objective before was to have a blog in case I decided to continue freelance writing for travel companies, but of course, I don’t take kindly to others telling me how to write.

That endeavor was actually funny, I did write for a few travel websites- who wouldn’t pay me and a dating site, where I just made up bait-clicking, unfulfilling content that I was promised to get paid for. After 3 dating articles and 3 travel articles, that gained traction for the site and no gain for me- I decided I was done with that for the time being.

I’ve been reorganizing my priorities at home this year, and I feel I have a substantial foundation. I may not know what kind of career path I could have yet- but I have an idea. I may not know where I’ll end up- but I have some ideas. This year is all about opportunities and taking it as it comes- as I always have.. but with more of a financial security blanket.

I’m returning to Maine for the summer and then off across all the ponds I go- where I end up- no one, not even I actually know. I’ll go wherever the wind blows ✌️

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